Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hey Are you a linux user like me or do you prefer to watch or listen to your favorite video cast in a different format, than is offered to you.

Then you need to check out MUX.AM and it really helps those of us in the linux world who need a different format. For instance it will convert any of the following formats to include, quicktime, mpeg4, divix, wmv, flash video, windows avi, and 3GP mobile into any other version on the list.

The native is 320x 240 but you can specify larger, I've done 640X480 successfully, just follow the instructions and it will convert the file at the specified URL you supply into the sites input box, then supply your email where the finished link can be sent.

Hit submit and 15 to 35 minutes later you'll receive an email with the link to your converted file awaiting download. This is a great solution, and it solves alot of headaches for the end user in its simplicity of use.

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