Monday, February 26, 2007

Balmer Says What!

Ok Steve Balmer thumped his chest last week, demanding that the Open Source community to stop infringing on an alleged plethora of Microsoft patents. The funny thing I find with this is Microsoft doesn't warn people of patent infringments, they just sue!, so my next question is, is this the other side of the Microsoft/ Novell deal from November of last year. The one where Microsoft signed a deal with Novell in a channel partnering agreement where Microsoft will front Novells Suse linux and Novell will get help making Microsoft products to run on "Suse" linux.

All of this breast beating is to start a greenmail campaign to try and monetize a market that three years ago Microsoft was calling a marginal market space that wasn't worth their time. After all that was the logic of why they didn't port Office 2003 to linux in 2004.

As for if Microsoft will make a legal move on Linux, I think it's just posturing, designed to scare the technically marginally knowledgable, people who only know only enough to spell Microsoft. If you want to know the history of Microsoft and the Law look at these links from

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