Tuesday, February 13, 2007

LINUX DEAL SITS WELL WITH MICROSOFT or Boomerang in a bottle ?

With Novell tied up with Microsoft in an extraordinarily strange bed fellow situation, I have to ask is this really what Microsoft wants? And more importantly is this exactly what the Linux community wants?

What is being reported from several sources (www.sda-india.com techtarget.com) is that Microsoft is actually selling more Linux servers from Novell than was anticipated. This is a double edged sword as Walmart bought 17,000 licenses for its data centers in December. The end run is does Microsoft really want to be front man for its primary server opposition. My gut check is NO! and this alliance will run its course inside of 18 months with a quiet split, especially quiet if Linux starts to take its toll on Microsoft server sales. This should be interesting to watch.

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