Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Return from the Dead!?!

After a 6 month forced hiatus I'm back, And! The world has shifted,& apparently hell froze over as Microsoft and Novel have crawled into bed with one another in an orgy of apocalyptic partnering, the craziest I've seen since, well Microsoft and Sun pretended to partner up some years back. While many in the Linux community will decry this as absurd, and that its just the latest attempt by Microsoft to wrangle a legal hold on the Linux movement as a whole. I feel this will, in the long run, like the SCO law suit just go away, quietly, especially after all the huffing and puffing MS has made over how the open source community has "stolen" ideas from them. I'm predicting, that Microsoft's claims, will be, in a court room in the near future, after having been vetted & examined will be acknowledged as some one Else's prior art, whether or not they were paid for or not, that's when it will get sticky for the Redmond lawyers, as this will turn their largest threat into the sword they swung and cut their own throats with. When the legal perception is MS has allot of unpaid royalties hanging over their heads, then you can bet every un-hired lawyer on the west coast will be shopping their services to the people who are owed back royalties to by our Buddy's in Redmond. In the end I call it this way, if MS tries to bully the Linux community with legal actions, then this will be where the community gets to turn the tables on MS and quite probably put a legal stranglehold on the Redmond giant. On the other hand if MS plays it very cool, and they have before. Then this will all go away, quietly.

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