Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillarys running, I never would ah guess'd

So the inevitable has happened, despite her denials Hilary Rodham-Clinton has announced an election exploratory committee, this despite he previous denials of wanting or coveting the job. This comes roughly one week after Barrack Obama announced his own exploratory committee. The one thing I note this political season is the Democrats must smell blood, as they are out of the gate far ahead of the Republicans, at least in the conventional media outlets.

It's my opinion that the Republicans will have their hands full if Obama is the democratic candidate, he brings a liberal cache with him and he's gifted with a certain amount of charisma. Here's Senator Obama's voting record
If on the other hand the Democrats do select Clinton, I foresee a republican victory, I don't think the electorate at large will want to chance the name Clinton in the oval office again. I suspect the electorate will go to the Republicans if, they select John McCain as the next party candidate for president. Time will only tell of course, I'll keep an eye on all three of these candidates, as much as they live in interesting times, they are interesting people. So I guess its time to sit back and watch the fire works.

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